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                             Welcome to the website of  the Dutch Folkgroup Krebbel. 

                Mediaeval Folk- and re-enactmentgroup.                                                           
Krebbel is a folkgroup from the Netherlands and plays  and sings jolly music
             from the middleages on a variety of authentic historical instruments like
             hurdy-gurdy and Dutch bagpipes.
   Mediaeval  entertainment from the Low Countries!   

 Hurdy/gurdy, drums and Bagpipes

               Dutch Folkgroup.
Krebbel plays also  traditional Dutch folkmusic spiced with a bit of Flamish and
            a touch of French.
            Worldmusic from the Netherlands!

logo                                                                                        logo       
          Mediaeval music.

rebbel plays and sings jolly mediaeval music on a variety  of authentic
               historical instruments like hurdy-gurdies, Dutch doedelzak, hammered
               dulcimer, chalumeau, string-drum, flutes and percussion.

 The diversity of instruments, a very varied repertoire and a original
               presentation makes  every concert of Krebbel a special performance
            With a handcart full of instruments they play their music like the old
               troubadours and
  Dutch "speelmannen" between it always enthousiastically
               reacting public.



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          Dutch traditional (folk)music.

                           5 man sterk
Krebbel plays and sings swinging traditional  Dutch  folkmusic.
                                 Spiced with Flamish and a touch of French.                                 

                                 The diversity of instruments, varied repertoire and an original
                                 presentation make that their concerts are a special event.

                                 The repertoire:

                                     - Dutch, Flamish and French traditional  (dance) music from
                               17 th - 20th century.  
                             - jolly, sad, atrocious and ambiguous songs and ballads;
                             - traditional songs from the Southern Netherlands and a.o.t. 
                                West Friesland , Terschelling and Groningen, where until the
                                19 th century  people preserved their old dances, songs,
                                music and


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                  Special Midwinter Program.


                  A special programm for bringing light into the darkest months of the year.
              The midwinter program is ment for the period Advent up to Epiphany.
              It contains very old traditional songs and music from the Netherlands and
              Songs and music that long time ago was played at Saint Martins, 

              Advent, New Year, Midwinter, Christmas and Epiphany.



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        Balfolk music


      Krebbel speelt balfolk
                                               Krebbel plays Balfolk: an in the Netherlands very popular way to
                            dance on folkmusic.

Krebbel plays a great number of balfolkdances : Polka,  Bourree, 
                            Andro, Hanterdro, Jan Smed, Waltz, Polka piquee, Mazurka and
                            of course the Jig en Cercle,  the most popular of the groupdances. 
                            Also typical Dutch dances as: Almelose Kermis, De Streep, Mazurka
                            van Terschelling, Madlots.

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                  What is Balfolk?
                                                Balfolk is folkmusic on which you can dance. Many years very popular
                             in France
and Belgium and braugth 
in the Netherlands by enthousiastic
                             visitors of festivals in Flanders and France.

                                  Folk musicians and groups play their acoustic music by tour for the dancing

                                     After they have played the musicians too dance on de melodies of the
folkgroup. During the balls the musicians play on typical
                              folkinstruments like 
hurdy-gurdies, guitars, violins, continental 
                              bagpipes but you can also hear there
 clarinet, flutes and all kind
                              of percussion.

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                                      KREBBEL      Information  

                                Stichting Schalmei    Arnhem
                                Secr.: Mevr. B. Verhaaf
                                p/a Reuvensweg 33
                                6861 XH Oosterbeek
                                tel. nr.                      :  (0031)   (0)26  3334240
                                Electronic Mail          :   Stichtingschalmei@ hetnet. nl

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